Echeveria was founded in 2016 by Puerto Rican entrepreneur Maribel Cintrón. She began making terrariums for interiors with cacti and succulents, also creates pieces with recycled and cured logs from the beaches of Puerto Rico to create compositions with looms and naturally dyed yarns.

Some time later she began to innovate and developed her first collection together with two local designers and entrepreneurs, Gabriela and Patricia Urrutia, founders of Dos Pinceles. In collaboration both brands created ''Leave Collection''. These mobiles made of the material called ''brass'' are handmade in Puerto Rico. They are a sculptural work of art. Striking, luminous and airy, yet bold pieces that bring a fresh and contemporary feel to any space. The mobiles are made with sheet metal, wire and brass chain. Each piece is handmade, cut, filed, polished and assembled by the artists of Dos Pinceles in their studio in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

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