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Introducing MATCHA Eau de Parfum, a captivating fragrance that artfully combines natural elements to create a harmonious and invigorating olfactory experience.

At the forefront of this aromatic symphony, notes of succulent fig and bitter orange intertwine, offering an enticing burst of fruity freshness that awakens the senses. The combination is vibrant and lively, setting the stage for a unique and delightful fragrance journey.

The heart of MATCHA unfolds with the distinctive essence of matcha, the celebrated Japanese green tea. This note adds a touch of earthy elegance, providing a serene and calming quality to the composition. The fragrance takes on a unique character, evoking a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

Cedar and vetiver form the grounding base notes, contributing to the fragrance's depth and longevity. These woody elements provide a subtle warmth that complements the freshness of the top and heart notes, creating a well-balanced and versatile scent suitable for any occasion.

MATCHA Eau de Parfum is an invitation to embrace a sensorial experience that seamlessly blends nature's bounty into a captivating symphony of scents. Immerse yourself in the refreshing allure of fig and bitter orange, the serene tranquility of matcha, and the grounding essence of cedar and vetiver. Elevate your fragrance collection with the unique and invigorating essence of MATCHA.
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