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Paulette Alonso, driven by an unwavering passion for the arts, embarked on a profound artistic journey, immersing herself in the study of various techniques. Mosaic, photography, goldsmithing, ceramics, each discipline imparted its unique allure upon her creative spirit. However, it was the captivating world of resin that truly captivated her heart, becoming an inseparable part of her artistic repertoire and paving the way for the birth of Big Eyes Creations, an embodiment of her artistic amalgamation.

Paulette's vision for Big Eyes Creations transcends mere aesthetics, striving to craft remarkable and functional pieces that seamlessly fuse artistry and utility. Each creation bears the indelible mark of her multidisciplinary expertise, resulting in extraordinary masterpieces that can be treasured as both works of art and exquisite decorative accents. Whether adorning the walls of a gallery or gracing the tabletops of discerning individuals, these pieces radiate a distinctive charm that defies categorization.

Among the collection's most notable treasures are the extraordinary charcuterie boards, meticulously handcrafted with an impeccable blend of materials. The fusion of wood, ceramics, recycled glass, and even reclaimed resin creates a mesmerizing symphony of textures, colors, and patterns, each board an eloquent testament to Paulette's ingenuity. These culinary marvels not only serve as functional platforms for delectable delicacies but also as captivating focal points, infusing any gathering with an air of sophistication and elegance.

In addition to the charcuterie boards, Big Eyes Creations boasts an eclectic array of meticulously fashioned items. Tostoneras, Lazy Susans, coasters, and tables, each piece radiates a unique charisma, bearing witness to Paulette's masterful manipulation of resin and her keen eye for detail. These multipurpose marvels offer a myriad of possibilities, from safeguarding cherished jewelry to gracefully cradling flavorful sauces and dips. Moreover, their sheer presence effortlessly transforms any corner of a home into a captivating sanctuary, suffusing it with an aura of refined artistry.

One of the hallmarks of Big Eyes Creations lies in its unwavering commitment to personalized excellence. Paulette wholeheartedly embraces the notion that art is an expression of individuality, and as such, she extends the opportunity to customize her creations. Each piece becomes a canvas upon which the client's imagination can paint, as personal preferences, distinct color palettes, and unique patterns find their exquisite manifestation within the masterful confines of her artistic vision. Such customization ensures that every creation is infused with a touch of the client's own soul, resulting in an unrivaled connection between the art and its admirer.

In the enchanting realm of Big Eyes Creations, Paulette Alonso's artistic prowess comes to life, transcending the conventional boundaries of art and functionality. With a mastery of resin and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Paulette continues to create remarkable pieces that enthrall the senses and capture the imagination. Step into this world of awe-inspiring craftsmanship, and allow yourself to be captivated by the magic that emanates from every Big Eyes Creations, a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when passion, skill, and creativity intertwine.


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