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The cuatro tetas handbag is handwoven with natural fibers known as “paja tetera” by Eperara Siapidara indigenous community in Cauca, Colombia.

The Eperara Siapidara indigenous people are a matriarchal community, where women are the highest authority, and they are in charge of weaving baskets, in which they tell stories or represent mystical animals such as the mico and the toad. The Eperara Siapidara used to live in the rural area of the department of Cauca, but the law and order situation forced them to move to the urban centre of Guapi almost ten years ago. There they founded the Canaán community, where they organized themselves in order to receive a better income for their artisan work.


  • Tetera fibers

Impact: With each purchase you will be helping the communities to maintain their traditions and earn a good fair trade income.


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